Charles Warren II

Founded and incorporated Cstar Group in 2005 and has been key in orchestrating growth by building critical relationships with customers and vendors to assure the company’s continued viability. Before founding Cstar Group, Charles worked for DOD, starting his experience in civil engineering and construction at AF Bases worldwide and specifically at HQ Air Force Civil Engineering Support Center and then assigned to the Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Civil Engineer  Pentagon as a  Program Manager for Civil Engineer Projects . He also worked  at Georgia Institute of Technology as Asst Director of Housing, Operations and Maintenance, which include all the Olympic Facilities, and is lead the way for the first LEED Gold certification for the largest existing college dormitory of its size in the world.


Randy Lawson
Sr. Project Manager

Over the 15 years of experience he has in the construction and facilities management industries. Mr. Lawson has worked a variety of management level position prior to entering into the Facilities Operations and Maintenance industry. His last place of employment was Georgia Institute of Technology  O&M PMO Senior Project Coordinator.
Mr. Lawson provides the structure, management and delivery of projects from inception to completion. Through stringent analysis and strategic planning he has implemented a successful project management system for many satisfied clients in a number of different industries. With a long record of success as a
project manager from LAN based IT projects in the medical field to construction management on medium to large sized commercial developments he brings a wealth of knowledge to every endeavor.


Matthew Warren
Sr. Project Manager
Mr. Warren has over 17 years of experience in construction services including building, maintenance, management, purchasing, and marketing. Mr. Warren is the POC for the Cstar Group to verify and monitor all SOW, RFP, RDQ, RAF, proposals and contracts entered into. Mr. Warren scrutinizes all documents to make sure that the Cstar Group has a full understanding of it’s obligations, he manages the office personnel and is aggressive with complying with all federal, state, and local requirements including a basic knowledge of the GREEN principles. Mr. Warren assures all stakeholders a seamless communication of all details concerning the project no matter how large or small that detail can be.  Mr. Warren is the lead in coordinating in requesting Cstar Group through partnerships, consulting with GPAC, SBA, GSBA and GDOT.